Hurricane Harvey has caused devastation to property and lives.  Only now are we starting to learn about the knock-off effects. Most caustic is manufactured from facilities in the Gulf Coast region that were severely damaged.  Already caustic prices are rising by $60-$100 per dry ton. CIP in ethanol production can use a great deal of caustic to remove organic deposits. Zein, which is one of the major proteins in corn, does not solubilize until a pH of 11.0-11.5.  This is part of the reason that caustic is effective in cleaning ethanol plants.

FifeClean can allow you to reduce caustic usage in CIP while maintaining effectiveness.  Less caustic means a lower CIP pH.  FifeClean has  demonstrated that it can solubilize proteins at a lower pH level.  This has been demonstrated under controlled conditions.  Please view the video on our website

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