FifeClean: Reducing Caustic

Hurricane Harvey has caused devastation to property and lives.  Only now are we starting to learn about the knock-off effects. Most caustic is manufactured from facilities in the Gulf Coast region that were severely damaged.  Already caustic prices are rising by $60-$100 per dry ton. CIP in ethanol production can use a great deal of caustic to remove organic deposits. Zein, which is one of the major proteins in corn, does not solubilize until a pH of 11.0-11.5.  This is part of the reason that caustic is effective in cleaning ethanol plants.

FifeClean can allow you to reduce caustic usage in CIP while maintaining effectiveness.  Less caustic means a lower CIP pH.  FifeClean has  demonstrated that it can solubilize proteins at a lower pH level.  This has been demonstrated under controlled conditions.  Please view the video on our website

Product Spotlight-Fife FC-8880

Waste water containing heavy metals can be problematic with increasingly stringent discharge limits.  Traditional hydroxide precipitations may not be able to meet the low limits due to agents (chelants) that inhibit precipitation.  In these situations, carbamates or other sulfide compounds are utilized.  The downside of some of these compounds is that they can cause effluents to fail WET tests. Carbamates are also used as biocides so other options need to be considered.

Fife FC-8880 is an environmentally benign solution that will not cause failure of wet tests and is effective in both acidic and alkaline pH environments.  Additionally, the heavy metals are so tightly bound that they can pass landfill TCLP tests. The thermal stability of FC-8880 allows it to be sprayed into hot flue gas streams in order to remove mercury, arsenic, selenium in coal combustion plants.

Examples of applications are listed below

  • Removal of mercury, cadmium, selenium and other heavy metals in flue gas.
  • Removal of mercury, cadmium, selenium and other heavy metals in flue gas  scrubber water.
  • Plating operations.
  • Electronic circuit etching processes.
  • Mining tailing treatment ponds.
  • Steel production and metal precipitation of waste water.

Fife manufactures this product in Houston, Texas and can provide it to our resale partners at a very competitive price.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss your specific needs.