Fife has a thorough knowledge of our customer facilities from the production floor back to the biological waste water treatment plant. In a food processing plant, we take a holistic view of our customers facility and try to understand the point sources of their waste and the impact of any cleaning and sanitation chemistry on the Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system and finally on the biological waste water.  An improperly functioning biological waste treatment system can lead to Notice of Violations and fines to a potential shut down of the facility.

Fife has an experienced microbiologist on its staff that is well versed in identifying potential problems in biological waste water systems.   We provide a unique service that we call Microbe ID.  This involves laboratory work and provides the client with a complete and detailed report of any issues in the biological waste water system and follow-up actions.  Please click on the link to see a sample report.

Sample: Microbe ID Report