Fife supplies a broad range of chemistry’s and solutions for almost any issue that can arise in managing a waste water operation. Fifes offerings can be divided into the following categories:

  • FM Series Coagulants & Flocculants-Includes organic/inorganic coagulants and cationic/anionic flocculants in both dry and emulsion forms.  These products are used in water clarification and sludge dewatering applications. We also develop proprietary blends of inorganic/organic coagulants that are tailored to a specific application which allows a differentiated offering. Fife has also recently added a line of dispersion polymers that do not contain petroleum distillates and are considered to be “Green” technologies and do not require expensive and maintenance prone make down equipment.
  • Metal Precipitating Agents-Fife manufactures a product similar to a carbamate which does not have the toxicity profile that can cause a failure on WET testing.  This allows the product to be utilized in situations that have an NPDES permit.
  • Bi-Metal Program-A Fife patent pending technology that can remove BOD and TKN levels in excess of 90% on some waste water streams.
  • Farbex-A technology for color removal in highly colored waste water.  The product also significantly reduces COD/BOD versus alternative methods.
  • Odor Control-Fife is a channel partner for ACTXONE, which is a Trademarked chemistry by the Chemours Company FC, LLC.  The product is added to air scrubbers as a way to neutralize odor causing compounds. Fife also has patented plant based odor control chemistry from Bandor.
  • Anti-foams & De-foamers-Includes both chemical and non-chemical technology’s.
  • Octaquest-Patented bio-degradable chelant technology from OCTEL.