Many smaller water treatment companies are looking at adding products to increase revenue to their clients.  Unfortunately, they do not have the technical expertise in terms of product selection and application. Additionally, they may not have the back office and/or infrastructure to support the introduction of new products.

Fife currently assists small water treatment companies in providing product and technical assistance in the areas of waste water and boilers and cooling applications. Some of the types of support we provide are as follows:

  • Sample kits of waste water polymers in our product line (coagulants, inorganic coagulants and flocculants)
  • Technical consultation via email/telephone
  • Jar testing in Fife’s laboratory via a shipped sample of waste water
  • Private labeling
  • Full line of corrosion & scale inhibitors for boilers, cooling and closed loop systems (liquid or solid chemistry)
  • Technical data sheets with detailed information on product usage and application for boilers, cooling and closed loop systems.
  • Respect confidentiality and will sign NDA’s to protect both parties confidential information

If you are interested in working with Fife to grow your business, then contact us via the tab on our web site or call us directly.