Experience, Lateral Thinking and Tailored Solutions

Fife supplies formulated water treatment products, process and product additives for ethanol, wastewater, cooling and boiler water.  Fife’s office is located in the St. Louis metro area with employees located in areas close to our clients facilities. Our goals are to:

  • Work Safely
  • Supply tailor made and cost effective solutions that meet your needs.
  • Enhance your profitability.
  • Protect the environment and your operating plant.
  • Partner with our clients and make us an indispensable resource.
  • Utilize water efficiently, the worlds most important resource.

Lateral Thinking

Thinking laterally or ‘outside the box’ is something Fife professionals do automatically.  When it comes to finding unique and custom designed solutions, tailor made for your needs, we never see problems, only opportunities.  This means we do not limit ourselves to a standard solution based upon current options in our toolbox. Nobody ever accused Fife of having a big company mentality!

Handwriting Old Way or New Way with marker on visual screen

Automation and Analytical Problem Solving

Collation of data, automatic addition systems, analysis and use of problem solving techniques developed from exposure to multi-business, multi-complex situations allows Fife to enhance problem solving.  In our day to day approach, we utilize data from our clients in concert with Fife generated data from our automation capabilities in order to document and demonstrate the value we deliver.  The power of information and analysis allows Fife to improve and re-design our customers process.

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